Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nikon D100

A blast from the past for today. 10 years is ancient history in digital technology, and this camera - once a valued tool costing about $2000 - is sold for less than $100. It features a 6MP CCD sensor (like the one in e.g. the D70 and D40). It is worth anything in photographic terms?

+ good customization and options/features, all the basic (and more) are here
+ it has a focus motor, it can autofocus AF lenses.
+ together with the D70, the cheapest way to use Nikkor lenses

- the sensor is not suitable for high ISO.
- poor ergonomics (small screen, badly designed switches)
- no i-TTL support and no commander mode for the on-board flash

It's pretty on the shelf. And that's it

Intended Users

Great for:
  • casual collectors (I doubt this camera will ever be valuable in a proper "collector's item" way, but hey, it's fun to own one)
  • pair it with a lens you plan to sell - it will increase the selling value
  • your kid's backup camera's backup. You get the point

Not for:
  • although not a 'bad' camera in any (basic) way, it doesn't make sense anymore.
  • beginners. Any newer entry-level camera will be a better option.
  • unless if you simply want to own one (see point about collectors above), this is not a go-to camera, even if your budget is minimal - see Final Verdict below

Final Verdict
The D100 was great for a while - until the D70 came along. And that was 8 or so years ago! In today's world, the D100 has no place. Again, it's not like it can't get the job done (especially in daylight). It's just that it doesn't make sense. If you want a DSLR that can use your Nikkor lenses and your budget is less than $100, the D70 is a better option (just for the i-TTL and the commander mode, if not anything else). Ergonomics would be better, too.

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