Monday, February 11, 2013

Nikon D50

A very old camera (by digital standards), that goes very cheap in the used market. Is it worth anything?

+ very cheap
+ can drive AF (screw) lenses
+ expendable (if it breaks, who cares)

- flash can't be used as a commander
- somewhat obsolete sensor (6MP), but still delivers good images
- no second dial, like most entry-level cameras anyway.

Intended Users

Great for:
  • people who want a backup camera and can't afford anything more expensive
  • people who need the cheapest possible solution for AF (screw) lenses
  • a gift for someone who would like to get into DSLR digital photography

Not for:
  • those who fret over megapixels. 6 are plenty for almost anything, in my opinion
  • pro body backup. There are important features missing
  • buyers who can afford to pay just a bit more for a camera

Final Verdict
This camera, like all digital equipment, has lost its value almost entirely. It can be found on ebay used for about $150 or less. Is it worth that much? Well, kinda. It's not bad, but it's hard to justify preferring it over, say, a D70(s), which is much richer in features.If you can afford to stretch your budget just a bit more, a D80 is a much better solution, and a D90 is a significantly better one, still.

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