Monday, April 9, 2012

Nikon D70

A very old camera (by digital standards), that goes very cheap in the used market. Is it worth anything?

+ very cheap
+ can drive AF (screw) lenses
+ good set of features (even for today's standards)

- small screen, difficult to see and evaluate images
- somewhat obsolete sensor (6MP), but still delivers good images
- somewhat big and heavy (if you care about that)

Pictures the D70s, which is the same thing, really

Intended Users

Great for:
  • people who want a backup camera and can't afford anything more expensive
  • people who need the cheapest possible solution for AF (screw) lenses
  • people who need a more advanced body features-wise than an entry level

Not for:
  • those who fret over megapixels. 6 are plenty for almost anything, in my opinion
  • those who want to travel light
  • buyers who can afford to pay just a bit more for a camera

Final Verdict
This camera, like all digital equipment, has lost its value almost entirely. It can be found on ebay used for about 150$. In my opinion it is worth at least that much - and personally, i would probably prefer it over cameras like the D60 or D3000. There's plenty of good features (flash working in commander mode, bracket) that you can't find in entry level models. To put it this way, if you need a backup body for a camera like a D200/D300 and you want to spend the absolute minimum, this might be it.

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