Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nikkor AF 28-80mm

A very light, small, and decent mid-range lens. Designed principally for FX/film bodies. Works on DX, but it doesn't make much sense (read on).

+ small and light
+ decent image quality
+ super cheap

- way too long for DX. 28mm is definitely not wide-angle in the DX world
- f/5.6 at 80mm
- low build quality, could easily break (then again, who cares)

Intended Users
Great for:
  • Someone needing an FX lens for the old film camera but doesn't want to pay much
  • If you want to pair a lens with a camera in order to increase its value for sale, this is a great choice
  • expendable solution for traveling to the beach, or other situations where you don't want to expose a better lens.

Not for:
  • DX, really. 28mm is too long
  • Anyone owning any DX zoom that starts from 18mm
  • long-term use.

Final Verdict
It's good - but not as good as a certain blogger affirms ("Top 10 nikkor lens"? Give me a break). It doesn't make any sense on DX - any 18mm- zoom is a far better option.

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