Photoshop Tutorials

On this page you can find a collection of my Photoshop Tutorials. If you enjoy my website, please show your gratitude by spreading the word - you can use the social media buttons at the bottom of this page. Thanks!
Photoshop Tutorial: Suppressing Shadow Noise
Photoshop Tutorial: Using Paths for Precise Selection 
How to Scan Color Negative in Photoshop
5 Hidden Features in Photoshop
Photoshop Tutorial: Replicating the 'Ansel Adams' contrast 
Photoshop Tutorial: Creating Out-of-Bounds Images
Photoshop Tutorial: Fake Tilt Shift
Photoshop Tutorial: Selecting Foliage & Hair, Extracting Background, and Other Mission Impossible
Photoshop Tutorial: Portrait Retouching in 2 Minutes
5 Photoshop Tutorials in 3 Steps or Less
Cross-Processing Curves (with Free Photoshop File)
A Unique Photoshop Tutorial to Add a 3D-Quality to Landscape Photos

Selective Softening Filter
Colored Dodging and Burning
Correctly Made Colored Low-Key
Simple, Fast, and Effective Skin Smoothening
The Silent Hill Look
Creating Vivid Scenes from Dull Landscapes
Basic Sky Improvement
Dealing with Noise the Right Way
Midtone Unsharp Mask
Quick Color Correction on a JPEG
Using the Patch Tool to Clone Objects
How to Turn a Photo into a Duotone Image
Add Impact to your Low-Key Portraits
How to Correct Bad Bokeh
How to Remove Wires from a Photo
How to Remove Beard and Sweat
Using Displacement Masks
How to Replicate the "True Detective" Look
How to Color Black & White Images