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Advice and Viewpoints

On this page you can find a collection of articles offering advice on all matters related to photography, cameras and lenses. For your convenience, I have grouped the articles into four categories:
1) Photography Techniques (how to Take Better Photos)
2) Thoughts on Equipment (Cameras, Lenses, etc.)
3) Technical Issues (ISO, Dynamic Range, Focal Length Issues, etc.)
4) General Thoughts on Photography

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Photography Techniques (how to Take Better Photos)

Thoughts on Equipment (Cameras, Lenses, etc.)

Renting vs Owning Camera Lenses
Taking Better Photos with Your Cell Phone
3 "Must-Have" Nikon AI-s Lenses 
Comparing 3 Complete DX Lens Lineups
Nikon Goodies for the 2016 Black Friday
Comparing 3 very Long Teles for your Nikon 
Build Quality: Crash-testing 5 Lenses and Cameras! 
The Perfect Nikon Camera
Comparing 3 Budget-Friendly Macro Lenses for Nikon DX
You Need to Get This Nikkor Lens NOW 
New Nikon Products (and what Does It All Mean) 
Nikon versus Canon Colors: Magic Skin Tones and Other Myths 
5 Reasons why You Don't Need a 70-200 f/2.8 Lens 
The Best Nikon Lens for Traveling
5 Photography Gadgets that Should Not Exist
Should I Shoot Film? Short Answer: NO
Prime Killer:  The New Sigma 50-100mm f/1.8 DC Art Lens
Take the "One Lens" Challenge!
Professional DX Lens Options
The Nikon D500 and the Future of DX

Technical Issues (ISO, Dynamic Range, Focal Length Issues, etc.)

General Thoughts on Photography

Between Photography and Graphics: Arma III, a Case Study of Enhanced Reality