Tuesday, March 13, 2018

AmateurNikon Enters an Indefinite Hiatus

December 2018 Update:
I guess it's only fair to admit that the hiatus is no longer "short", as originally stated, but indefinite. The website will remain online normally.

July 2018 Update:

I just thought to let AmateurNikon readers know that, although the website remains in a hiatus, it is not abandoned. I am busy with other things, that interest me more than photography does at this point in time. However, amateurnikon.com is not going anywhere, and when things change in regard to my interest in photography, new articles will come. Thanks!

It has been quite a while since the last post - about a month - and there have been several reasons for this. I have been extremely busy with several things, plus other reasons. One of them indeed has to do with the fact that I have not been very interested in photography recently.

I'm unsure why that is - maybe I feel that I prefer to artistically express myself some other way. Or maybe my outlook has changed, I don't know.

I also feel less and less interested in photographic equipment. I simply don't care what's Nikon's latest DSLR or lens, they all do the same job, ultimately.

Instead of repeating myself, I decided to press "pause" for (hopefully) a short while and come back when I feel that I have something to say, photographically speaking. The website will remain active normally, so feel free to check old Nikon reviews, Photoshop tutorials, or general thoughts on photography.

Au revoir!

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