Friday, February 27, 2015

Photography and Affect: A New Theory of Vision

My most recent book, Photography and Affect: A New Theory of Vision, is now available (click on the link above or the image below to be taken to Amazon's download page)

As the title reveals, with this book I attempt to offer a new way of approaching photography - a new “philosophy of photography” - that allows more fundamental photographic aspects to emerge; aspects related to meaning, composition, and expression.

The book consists of three parts: The first part is theoretical, and deals with photography as a form of art; it offers answers regarding our motivation to take photos; why do we take photos, why do we use the tools that we use, and how do we share and view the photos we have taken? Understanding our various motivations is crucial in order to understand how to achieve our goals.

The second part is methodological and offers concrete approaches, tools, and styles of composition that will help you understand photography – as well as your personal aims and motivation behind taking a picture – in greater depth.

The third part is philosophical and attempts to offer an original perspective on photography and meaning. Here, aspects related to affect, emotions, feelings and mood will be covered, and, hopefully, you will acquire fresh perspectives and ideas that you can apply on your own photos.

Here are two random pages of what you can find inside this book:

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