Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"Should I wait for the Nikon D400?"

This topic has been scalding hot in the past couple of years (at least). The reason is of course that the D300(s) has been a superlative camera - as I have mentioned myself; click here - that has not been properly replaced yet. Sure, the D7xxx series is out, with rumors claiming that is either the real replacement of the D300, or that there won't be, ever.

The thing is, this kind of "Should I wait for xxxx" thing is very widespread in digital technology. It applies to digital cameras, phones, and what not. On the one hand, you want to make sure you won't be buying something that will be obsolete "soon". Yet, you can't wait for long either.

Let's put some things in perspective:
- All digital equipment will be obsolete soon after their release. It's the fate of digital technology - and it's a good thing! It means we get new and (hopefully) improved things all the time to choose from. No matter what you get, it will be "old news" a few months, max a year down the road. But:

- It doesn't matter. Cameras don't make photographs, people make photographs. I hope you don't find it too arrogant on my behalf to present this blog as a prime example. I can make better photos with my "very old news" D700 than many (most? Photography is a widespread hobby after all...) can with their brand new D600/610/800. The reason has nothing to do with the cameras. Simply that my knowledge is a product of years (decades counting film photography) of experience. I'm sure there are many photographers who can take far better photos than I can with even more "obsolete" equipment.

Nikon D80. It's old. And it can still get great photos.

- Some models will eventually cease to exist. That is perhaps sad, but inevitable. I also wish there were a D2x updated for 2014. But it's not gonna happen. Ever (I think). A fully pro body for DX doesn't make sense for Nikon now. Perhaps the same is the fate of the D300

- Every day that passes without you having any camera because you're waiting for some model to be announced, is a day of photographing that was lost. Do you want to own a new camera so that you see it on the shelf and brag to your friends? Or do you want a camera to take photos with? If the latter is the case, forget about the future (a week; a month; a year; more) away and go grab yourself a camera that will get you the job done - now.

"So, should I wait for the D400?"
No, you shouldn't. If you plan to get a new camera and you know what features you need, simply get the cheapest model that can give you that. If you don't know what you need, research that first.

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  1. "People make photographs" - I suppose that would explain why many premiere pro photographers are still shooting with their D90 or XTi.
    People are waiting on the D400 because they want the latest autofocus system, low noise, more MP and FPS. The D300s is still Nikon's best nature/sports camera in the prosumer class. How old is that camera? 4 years?

    Yes...some great photographs were taken with an IPhone. But day in and day out, a pro needs the a certain level of equipment, that can be relied on to give him or her, the best chances at nailing a photo reliably under pressure conditions. That is why we need the best equipment at the best price. I don't have to get a D4 but something with at least 8fps and 20MP would be nice. With that and my D800 and I am complete.

    At this point, the best alternative for me is the D7100 or D300s. I am seriously thinking of biting the bullet but I would be limited to 6FPS...which is too slow for a bird in action or a footballer making a catch...I would have to get lucky.

    My torturous wait continues. btw, I can get 6fps with my D800 with the AA battery grip and crop mode to 9MP shot.