Thursday, December 26, 2013

Metal Concert Photography - An Inspirational Story for the Holidays

The Christmas period is the time of inspirational stories so I thought to share mine.

(Bare with me, this is worth it)

Chthonic are a metal band from Taiwan. Takasago Army is one of their albums, describing the story of Taiwanese WW2 volunteers. About two years ago, when I was working at a media house (as a journalist/photographer), I got into direct confrontation with the (Chinese) boss over a story I wrote about the Takasago - I and the entire academic world said that what I described was historical reality; he claimed it wasn't.

In the end I left that place - with a sense of relief, really. And I was glad I - unlike many other ex-colleagues - did not sell out my principles. Others also left (for similar reasons), and one of them was/is my best friend, also a photographer. Together we started a small local photography business.

Fast forward to present day (well, the end of November), and I (together with my business partner) were excited to see that Chthonic included our town as a part of their European tour. We are both fans, so we thought, what a great chance to see them live. We got tickets.

And then, through a series of events I can't even begin to realize how it happened, we (our small business) were asked by Chthonic to take pictures of their gig. We did. And we also chatted with them and took photos together. And they rock. And they're really nice and down-to-earth people.

Like some wise one once said, life has more imagination than we carry in our dreams.

OK, I guess I owe you some photos.

Thank You for reading my blog this past year - the best of wishes for a truly inspiring 2014, in your photography and, most importantly, your life.

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