Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Nikon D40

Small and handy, a great little camera

+ small and light (could be a minus for some, though)
+ great image quality (for its age and intended audience)
+ less fluff than more recent models - a "photographer's camera"

- several important features missing (no autofocus with screw-type lenses)
- buttons can be small for some people
- not great viewfinder (I've seen worse though)

Intended Users
Great for:
  • back-up/second camera, particularly if you don't have many screw-type lenses
  • cheap solution for a novice
  • those wanting a very small but competent DSLR

Not for:
  • true professional work - yes, you can take just as good photos, but it's longer and more frustrating
  • people with screw-type or older manual focus lenses (the latter don't meter and guessing the exposure can be frustrating)
  • people who don't like small cameras for practical/ergonomic reasons

Final Verdict
A great little camera. Despite the 6 megapixel sensor (perhaps, because of it), it can deliver spectacularly nice images. I've taken many beautiful photos with the D40 and it served me well. I parted with it because I needed a body that could use screw-type (AF) lenses. I also found its autofocus system slightly inadequate, not so much for lack of speed, but for lack of focus points - it can be a pain when you take portraits and you try to focus on the eyes. I do recommend the D40, as long as you are aware of its limitations

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