Monday, November 28, 2011

Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/4

Phenomenally sharp micro lens; perfect for macro work

+ perfect optically, no flaws in normal use
+ good working distance
+ it can survive a nuclear blast. Unlike, sadly, modern lenses

- manual focus requires discipline and hard work for non-stationary subjects (then again, this is a macro lens)
- monopod or tripod are needed to get the best of this lens
- for special use; not a "general purpose" lens

Sharpness, Bokeh, Contrast...What more can you ask!

Intended Users
Great for:
  • all kinds of macro work
  • walks in the forest
  • experimenting in the garden

Not for:
  • general purpose; lack of autofocus will drive you insane
  • not the best for photos of documents. You will need to stand on a chair to fit it properly
  • portraits. It's not that it's bad, but there are more practical lenses for that.

Final Verdict
Superb lens. Forget the f/2.8, forget the AF, and for goodness sake forget the AF-S VR. No benefit in getting the f/2.8 (irrelevant with macro work, when we use f/8 or even smaller to increase the depth of field), definitely no use for the AF, and absolutely no use for the VR. These are only if you plan to use the lens for other purposes as well. If you look for the cheapest but best macro lens, this is your lens. Oh, and if you're troubled because the lens have a reproduction ratio of "only" 1:2 (half life-size), don't. 1:2 is all you need.

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