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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Review of the Lowepro Nova 200 AW camera bag

A reader asked me on AmateurNikon's Facebook page a few days ago for camera bag suggestions. He specified that he needed a large enough bag that can fit two DSLR camera bodies, plus a few lenses. I've tried several bags in the past (now I've only kept this basic sling bag) and my personal favorite has been the Lowepro Nova 200 AW. Here's a quick rundown of its plus and minuses, with a more elaborate opinion further below, in the "Final Verdict" section

I certainly didn't want to drag the Lowepro Nova 200
when I went to Iceland, but there are uses for it, so read on

+ its space seems endless. It really does fit a lot, probably more than you would guess from a quick look. Fully
+ high manufacturing quality, this isn't a cheap generic bag with breaking seams and zippers.
+ AW stands for All-weather, and the waterproof cover (neatly tucked underneath the bag) will protect your equipment in torrential rain (I've tested this!)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Renting vs Owning Camera Lenses

"Shall I rent a lens or buy it?" "Are lens rentals worth it?" "Why would I rent a lens instead of buying it?"

These are three ways to express the same question, which seems to be in the mind of quite a few photographers (especially advanced amateurs; beginners don't consider it, while pros generally know what to do). In today's article I'll offer my views and opinion on this matter. To express things as simply as possible, I'll use the structure of review articles, with pros/cons, whom is it good for and whom it's not, elaborating on the matter along the way

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Review of the Nikon N60/F60


Based on the view count of film camera reviews, as well as from individual comments on AmateurNikon's Facebook and Twitter accounts, I've come to the conclusion that there are still many film shooters out there. So, here's another Nikon film camera review for you! Today I'll offer you my opinion of the Nikon N60 film camera. It's also referred to as the Nikon F60 in Europe - it's exactly the same thing.

The best thing about film is that the image quality
never depends on the camera. Whether on an N60 or
an F6, the result is the same.


+ very cheap, which means very expendable
+ very simple to operate, it's basically point & shoot - still, with enough custom functions
+ modern ergonomics (i.e. button layout similar to digitals)