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Monday, July 27, 2015

Photography, Love, and Selfies

Reading the title, you might feel confused. The only connection you see is between 'photography' and 'selfies', right? Well, in actual fact, these two could not possible be further away from each other. Selfies have nothing to do with photography - and they have nothing to do with love, either, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Selfies have nothing to do with love; photography is love
The inspiration for today's article came after I read the news about Yellowstone Park advising against selfies. In case you missed it, the reason was that there were people so profoundly stupid and self-centered, that they wanted to take a selfie with bison right behind them - one tourist was attacked. We've read similar stories elsewhere - about even more stupid people, who take selfies while driving.

But the article title talks about Love, too. So, ♫ ♬ what's love got to do with it? ♫ ♬
It's simple.
Love is what brings life and meaning to Photography. Love being absent from selfies, they are pointless.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Speculative Reviews: The Nikon D400


Another article for the Speculative 'Reviews' series for today. Once again, to state the obvious: This camera does not exist as I'm writing this (July 2015), and it may never appear, either. I have no sources in Nikon (or elsewhere). This article is a product of my knowledge and experience, so, in other words, it is an educated guess. The purpose of these articles is to make us all think, what would this camera mean for Nikon photographers, how would it affect our shooting, and in which way would it affect the market.

Some years ago I traveled all around Iceland with a D300 and the Sigma 10-20 (and also a 50mm f/1.8). Would a D7200 give me the same things? For 95% of the shots, yes. It's the other 5% I'm glad I had the D300 for, and a D400 would have been even better.


Just like the (no longer speculative!Nikon Nikkor AF-S VR 16-50mm f/2.8 DX and the 16mm f/2 , a Nikon D400 would be a massive signal from Nikon that it has not abandoned the DX advanced amateur (or semi-pro even) market. I'm willing to bet that the Nikon D400 (that is, a successor to the highly successful D300), is the most talked-about rumor in the Nikon universe. We're missing all kinds of lenses, we're wishing all kinds of things, but probably none is more missed and wished for than the D400 (others refer to it as D9300; it doesn't matter)

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Giving Up on DSLR Photography


A bit weird article for today. But just like you have to talk to your children about death when a pet or grandma dies, you must also talk to yourself about the possibility of giving up on DSLR photography. Why should you do that? When should you do that? What do we mean by "giving up" anyway?

Photography is a hobby. It can be other things too (like a profession for some people, part-time or full-time), but for the vast majority of people, it is a hobby. And as a hobby, it is supposed to bring you enjoyment, right?

For the purposes of today's article:
Giving up on DSLR photography means you sell/give away your interchangeable lens camera as well as all your lenses. Any equipment you use to take photos is fixed-lens.
This practically means you decide to take photos with a mobile phone or, for a few of you, a compact camera.


Why would you want to do that? There are many possible reasons. Read the following, and if you see yourself in any of the situations below, you should consider it very carefully - and, above all, objectively.

Taken with a DSLR, but, honestly, you could do the same with any mobile phone camera