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Monday, October 24, 2016

Review of the Nikon Nikkor AI-S 105mm f/1.8

Yet another fast, dependable portrait lens from the older times of photography. Typically, old AI-S lenses are characterized by superb image quality, stunning build quality, a weight penalty, and great prices. Does the Nikon Nikkor AIS 105mm f/1.8 deliver? Read on to find out.

When it comes to portraits, this lens is in its element.

+ I'm sorry, there just isn't a comparison. Modern lenses feel like toys when it comes to comparing build quality...
+ ...and manual focus feel. Perhaps understandably, since it's a manual-focus lens.
+ unsurprisingly, optical quality is super, with one tiny footnote (read below)

Monday, October 17, 2016

Build Quality: Crash-testing 5 Lenses and Cameras!

Few things are more disappointing and frustrating than equipment failure, especially when your camera or lens stops working just when you need it the most (read: on the eve of a wedding, or when you've arrived in the African savanna for the safari of a lifetime). But guess what's even more frustrating? When you're dealing with an accident instead of a failure. Dropping your Nikon camera or your Nikkor lens and then seeing them malfunctioning is devastating, you blame yourself (and perhaps rightly so).

Equipment failure can be frustrating, but accidents make you feel even worse.

But sometimes, lenses and cameras survive to see the next day. Today's article  features a list of 5 lenses and cameras I've crashed in recent years, together with the aftermath. What worked, what didn't, and what kind of conclusions can we draw.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Reviewing the Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 for Nikon

This lens has been around for quite some time. There is already a newer version of this lens, which is actually a 150-600mm lens, not to mention it comes in two versions, sports and contemporary. The present review is about the older 150-500mm lens, one of those so-called "Bigma" lenses that Sigma produced, with a high zoom ratio reaching to long focal lengths.

A 500mm lens can be very useful for (very) long shots

+ very useful range in (very) long focal lengths
+ now that there is a newer lens available, there are screaming deals on this older one
+ you can think whatever you want, but Sigma's build quality has been pretty great in the past decade