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Friday, July 25, 2014

Wedding Photography Tips - Part 2, Preparing for the Occasion

This second part of the Wedding Photography series gives you the first concrete things you need to know (click HERE if you want to read the first part again). And these are things you must plan and execute before you even arrive  at the wedding occasion. The preparation for the assignment can be divided into two parts, a technical part and a research part. The former refers to considerations regarding your equipment (for instance, answering to the question "which is the best Nikkor lens for wedding photography", or "what camera do I need for a wedding"?). The latter is related to communicating with the wedding couple or wedding planner (assuming they have asked you to take photos for the occasion) and scouting the location to know what to expect.

Technical Considerations
a) equipment

So, which is the best Nikkor lens for wedding photography? Or, which is the best Nikon DSLR camera for wedding photography?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wedding Photography Tips - Part 1, Introduction

I had a great time last weekend, taking wedding photos. Everything, and I mean everything, fell into place. It is very rare that everything works exactly as expected/planned. Sometimes the client has changed his/her mind about something. In other occasions, the weather is to blame. Every now and then, there is some technical issue. This time, everything worked flawlessly. But this is more the exception than the rule. There are a lot of parameters to think about in wedding photography, and someone without much experience can justifiably feel overwhelmed. AmateurNikon is here to help!

I will offer you a series of wedding photography articles - tips, tutorials, and general advice for a wedding photography assignment. This series will consist of 5 parts:

Part 1 - Introduction
This is the current article. 

In this article I will cover the things you need to know and prepare for before you arrive at the wedding. Technical considerations (for example, what kind of camera or lens you need for wedding photography, as well as setting up your equipment); communicating with your clients*; location scouting, etc.

Part 3 - Taking Photos at the Wedding
This will contain a lot of practical information on how to get great wedding photos. Tips on positioning, timing, framing and moving; I will also share with you some of my business secrets on getting the couple and the guests to appear great on the photos. Some brides and grooms are more shy than others, but these tricks guarantee to make even the shyest groom and the most timid bride to look great on the wedding photos.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Best Camera and Lens for an Amusement Park - Reading This might Save your Marriage.

At the very least, it will save you money and a lot of frustration. But let me explain myself...

A few days ago, I went to a local amusement park. Warm sunny day (26C/78F - it qualifies as a heatwave in Finland!), and the park was jammed with people. There were a lot of parents with their small children, and naturally, many of them had cameras with them. Nothing wrong with that, wanting to capture some happy moments with your family, right? Still, I noticed that I could separate the camera-bearers into distinct categories:

Practical Master
S/he uses a mobile phone and that's it. Spends a few seconds to take a pic, then the phone goes back into the pocket and s/he resumes playing/being with the kids

Casual Photographer
S/he uses a compact, hanging around the neck at all times. Takes a few pics every now and then, then resumes playing (every now and then having to adjust the camera strap)