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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

5 Photography Gadgets that Should Not Exist

A rather tongue-in-cheek article for today. Thanks to the wonderful world of globalized economy (insert as many quotation marks as you want), it costs peanuts to design something small and easy-to-make, and produce it in vast quantities, cheaply. Unsurprisingly, such items do not last for long - which may or may not be something you care about. I mean, if you can find a camera bag for $5 compared to a similar one for $50, who cares if the former breaks after one year - you can still buy a new one every year and still, ten years later, it won't be as expensive as buying the other one.

Having said that, there are also photographic gadgets that do not serve any purpose. Or, to put it this way, they are not even worth their low price. Let's take a look at some of those.

Note: I do include links to Amazon for the convenience of comparison and photos. Personally, I would not use any of the products listed below. But if you think you might have use for them, all the power to you.

1. A Garbage Bag An Underwater Case for Your DSLR

Whoever thought of this should be forced to wear it as a hat every day for 6 hours - 8 on weekends. Let's see... Take a low-quality plastic that is a couple of times larger than your camera (try to visualize this folks), and off you go, to explore the magnificent world of the deep. Or, better, leave the camera at the hotel, and enjoy a nice day at the beach instead. Unless of course if you want to look like a disabled person with a ventilator hanging on your chest, and you love blurry pictures that look as if they were taken behind a plastic... oh, wait.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Should I Shoot Film? Short Answer: NO


This article is based on an article I had written some years ago (in 2012 if I remember well). That article was published on AmateurNikon and was online for some time. I then pulled it - indeed it is the only AmateurNikon article to have undergone such a... treatment. Why I did that? Because I realized it would send the wrong message, and I wanted to tweak the content as well as the meaning of the article before putting it online again. Well, weeks turned into months and months turned into years before I found time to do it. But today is the day!

Today, we'll try to tackle one of those big binary issues in photography. It's a bit like those timeless "DX or FX", "Nikon or Canon", "zoom or prime" kind of things, though there is a difference. You see, most people who agonize over getting a Nikon or Canon, a cropped-sensor camera or a full-frame one, do so because they want to invest into something. It will be something that they will be dealing with for years to come, at least in theory. The same can be argued for the "zoom or prime" lineup, though this is less polarizing, because most lineups include lenses from both categories and it's easier to swap.

It was great in the 90s. Now it's time to let it rest

So, where does film stand in that? To answer the question, we need to see it from two different approaches.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Speculative Reviews: Nikon Nikkor AF-S VR 200mm f/4


I'm back from a very busy period (there's another one coming next month), and let's start with something light: Another article for the Speculative 'Reviews' series. Once again, to state the obvious: This lens does not exist as I'm writing this (May 2016), and it may never appear, either. I have no sources in Nikon (or elsewhere). This article is a product of my knowledge and experience, so, in other words, it is an educated guess. The purpose of these articles is to make us all think, what would this lens mean for Nikon photographers, how would it affect our shooting, and in which way would it affect the market.

A small, light, AF-S VR'ed 200mm lens could be an awesome companion for trips to the nearby park


The Nikon Nikkor 200mm f/4 AIS was (and still is) a fine piece of glass. Small, light, optically excellent, it was a great choice for those traveling light. Now, what would happen if there existed an AF-S VR such lens? Here's also another question - that I will attempt to answer at the end of this article: Would it be more interesting as an FX or a DX lens?